‘A Pretty Penny’ by Sara Anderson

Sara Anderson is creator of the blog ‘A Pretty Penny.’

Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, this is where her passion for the prettier things in life began. As she describes, Sara is just a fashion loving, nail polish enthusiast who loves to decorate her home every other week. She uses her blog to express her interest in those various things.

Sara is a dental assistant by day and blogger by night. While blogging isn’t a fulltime job for Sara, she spends her free time perfecting her craft. “This blog is how I express my style, creativity and love for all things pretty,” Sara explains. Her self-expression has attracted a lot of positive attention and has quickly gained great popularity. Not only has she built a large following, but she has also gained the opportunity to partner with many great brands. A Pretty Penny has collaborated with many companies including partnerships with sephora, google, secret, L’ange Hair, and so many more!

Beyond her many collaborations, Sara has many different weekly segments on her blog that you can explore. Some of my favorites are Tuesday Trends, Beauty Tips, and Home Decor DIY tutorials and that is definitely not where it ends. Surfing her fun, creative blog will help you expand in just about any area of life that you are searching for. She has a wide range of advice on everything from fashion and beauty to travel and fitness. This is what makes her so universal.

But going back to my favorites, these three segments are great examples of how blogging is done. The first being Tuesday Trends where Sara gives the keys to successfully integrating all the latest trends into your personal style. Whether it is outfits for a date night, perfecting the use of a specific color pallet or finding seasonal fashion essential, this section of her blog has you covered!

The second segment is her weekly Beauty Tips. She covers a wide range of subjects under this headline. You can find her opinions on the latest beauty tools, hair tutorials, and even helpful make-up tips.

And finally Sara’s Home decor DIY tutorials are certainly a hit. They have the most prominent call to action because they are fun and easy to do. Everyone eants to spruce up their home every once in awhile and with the DIY tutorials, you can do it at a much more affordable rate.

“There is nothing I love more than getting all glammed up and feeling like ‘A Pretty Penny.’” -Sara Anderson

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“Being happy never goes out of style.”

“I believe life is too short to not be happy. So I try to live life the happiest I can!”

“I decided to document the things I love and my ever changing home and style; so along came my blog.”

“I am usually always overdressed and always wearing a smile.”