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The fashion industry has many different facets and


 It’s always interesting how one’s journey leads them to

define their niche. Check out where these fierce

fashionistas we’ve interviewed find they are the most






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“Fashion Marketing is my area of expertise. I find it really interesting to know how to sell brands, especially luxury ones. I think that’s the coolest skill to influence people. Of course I’ll use it for good purposes not just to sell products.”


LUX Magazine nina-campioni-yjamas-from-jascha-stockholm-shoes-modern-thrifter-in-the-olrd-wolrd-bad-missoni-ootd-fashion-blogger-6-800x533 Who's Your Expert? discover your personal style.
“My area of expertise is sustainable fashion and how we as consumers


can make a difference.”

-Nina Campioni

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“I think I am well versed in bringing personality to your style. People often seek out how to discover their personal style. It’s easier than you think. Look around and see what inspires you. I can be riding down the road and see a color combination on an ice cream truck and be inspired to find pieces that could somehow create a masterpiece in fashion. Don’t worry about what’s “in style”, rather worry about what fashion pieces are going to make you feel fierce.”

-Tanner Mann

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“I would have to say expertise is easy, comfortable style. Comfort is extremely important to me, but it has to be cute too ( I never really like to blend in). I dress pretty casually on a daily basis….my daily uniform tends to be a great pair of boyfriend jeans and a tee with fun shoes or an athleisure wear look….so I try to create even casual looks that are not-so-basic.  I always think adding a standout pair of shoes is the way to go, whether they be a bold color or a fun print or have metallic details, shoes often make the outfit if you ask me. And I also really love mixing feminine items with edgier items like I mentioned before, so I’d say that mix of sweet and spicy is kind of my thing too.”

-Alison Ruchaber

LUX Magazine 96d72f_45b6e907404748beb3cf99ef2b1eecca-mv2_d_5534_3744_s_4_2-800x541 Who's Your Expert? discover your personal style.
“I think i am an expert at creating and editing fashion content. I would love to be an editor in a Fashion Hippy bobo area in California. That would be my dream. My main goal is always to make people understand that they can feel fashion without spending all the money that they have.”

-Daniela Correia