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LUX is theWTFactory’s Journal on Style, Fashion, & Luxuries

It doesn’t matter what setting you’re in, there are always those people that set themselves apart.  It’s the attitude and confidence in the way they style themselves.  It’s more than a specific name brand of clothes….. hell, they could be wearing a thrift store hand-me-down jacket and a big-box pair of shorts.

It’s just somethings special about the manner in which they wear their style

It’s the person that is your secret style icon, but when you finally see their closet you find that they have only 15 classic quality pieces.  And you can’t figure out how they always look different to you.

It’s the person that goes against everything you’ve seen in the stores and fashion magazines, but the very next season you see what they’ve been wearing everywhere.  Then, you wonder how the hell they knew before everyone else?

LUX brings you the stories about the trendsetters, style advice, the newest names in fashion, and the stories behind the creators.

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