2021 Fall Fashion: Minimal Must-Haves

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Ready or not, the first rollout of the fall fashion season has hit most retail floors. If you were born in the 1970s, it will be somewhat of a trip down memory lane for you. To help you navigate what trends are new and what trends will be rolling over from summer, here’s a fall forecast guide, starting with a few minimal fashion trends you may already have.


LUX Magazine ruffled-top-1200x1200 2021 Fall Fashion: Minimal Must-Haves modern minimalist minimalism minimal fall

If you love ruffles you’re in luck; they are going nowhere fast. You’re going to continue to see them on blouses and sweaters and also on shoes, jackets, skirts – you get the drift. It’s a great style element if you love a feminine look. If you don’t love ruffles, refer to my next rollover trend.

Personal stylist tip: “The trick to wearing ruffles in a flattering way is to wear an item with the ruffles in a place where you don’t mind more volume and attention. For example, if you don’t love your arms, then refrain from wearing ruffled sleeves. Choose instead some sneakers with a cute ruffle across them.” –Metta Conchetta, Atlanta


Those gray booties that you purchased last fall or winter – they’re still super-hot and very on trend. Gray is still a fresh neutral that would be a great investment for your wardrobe. Gray or “greige” (gray and beige) is a neutral that can be worn with blacks and browns, making it more versatile.

Personal stylist tip: “If you don’t have a pair of gray booties already, or are in the market for another pair, remember that fit is most important when you’re talking about anything you spend your money on, let alone something you’re going to put on your feet. Invest in shoes that love your feet back and they’ll take you far.” –Thania Peck, Los Angeles


LUX Magazine brocade-dress 2021 Fall Fashion: Minimal Must-Haves modern minimalist minimalism minimal fall

If you’re not familiar with brocade, it’s a pattern that has raised measures of fabric, giving it texture. It’s often made of gold and black thread or done in a floral pattern. It’s opulent and elegant but isn’t always appropriate for our wet falls and winters. If you’re planning on wearing this trend, be sure you’re treating your brocade pieces with care and consideration.

Personal stylist tip: “Because this trend can make a strong style statement, I like to pair brocade pieces with items that are more minimal. This gives the brocade piece space to really tell a story and not be overshadowed or compete with other items.” Amy McKissock, New York


LUX Magazine velvet-top 2021 Fall Fashion: Minimal Must-Haves modern minimalist minimalism minimal fall

Velour, velvet, what’s the difference? Velvet is a woven cut-pile material with no stretch, while velour is a knit stretchy cut-pile fabric. And you’re going to see a whole bunch of both this fall and winter. Tops, skirts and shoes are all going to be available in these soft and luxurious forms.

Personal stylist tip: “Velour and velvet have shiny and textural elements that will highlight every bump and curve you may have, so be sure they work for your body type.” Metta Conchetta, Atlanta


LUX Magazine embroidered-jean-jacket 2021 Fall Fashion: Minimal Must-Haves modern minimalist minimalism minimal fall

We saw touches of this trend in spring and summer, but it is everywhere for fall and winter. You’re going to see this detail mostly in floral designs, and on everything from handbags to jackets to jeans to blouses. It’s a great detail that brings up the level of style and makes most items look more expensive.

Personal stylist tip: “You may love this trend, and yes, you can find floral embroidery on just about everything – but that doesn’t dictate that you should own it in every item offered. Choose your favorite item and coordinate it like crazy all season. Avoid looking like a walking embroidered flower.” –Thania Peck, Los Angeles

The key with buying trends is to purchase only those items that you need and that are part of your style story. Don’t purchase an item because it’s a trend – purchase it because it fits you, flatters your body type and makes you feel super special. That way, you’re always making a smart investment.