Comfortable on the Catwalk Style Tutorial

While we all want to look good, sometimes you just want to be comfortable! However, comfort does not have to mean sacrificing your stunning style. Check out these quick style tutorials from Toula Rose that will surely keep you comfy while still turning heads.


Sometimes you just want to be comfy! & there’s nothing wrong with that. You’d be surprised at how much you can dress up something as simple as a pair of joggers with some boot heels and a smart top. It’s all about getting the perfect balance.



       Loose fitting paired with chunky-heeled boots


                                          Fresh red jogger set paired with bold white boots


                    Camoflage coat paired with sport joggers and opened-toed booties

If you want to wear a baggy sweater, then why not pair it some shorts and thigh-high boots to dress it up?


   Grey over-sized sweater paired with black sequence shorts and thigh-high grey boots


Large patterned sweater paired with black leather shorts and                                           black thigh high boots

Or as I said if you have some casual trousers then pair them with a delicate lace top and your outfit instantly goes 0-100.


                    White lace top paired with comfy blue trousers


            Printed trousers paired with white shirt with lace shoulder detail


                 Sporty loose fitting trousers paired with delicate lace detailed top