Creative Urge | Sophia Molen

Creative Urge | Sophia Molen

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Sophia Molen is an online entrepreneur.  Well, that’s vague I know but her work is so all encompassing; including blogging, photography, web design and graphic design. Making a switch from the Bio-Medical field just a few years ago, Sophia has found success in the brand she has begun to create for herself online. Not only did she have success, but she has also found a great deal of happiness as well.


Sophia has always had a great interest in style. She loved being creative and expressing herself through design. “As far as I know, I was always interested in style as a kid. I loved to help my parents with interior design of our home, I loved dressing up my dolls and was always making new jewelry and even sewing bags. Probably with zero style, but I loved being creative,” Sophia says. However, she also had a deep interest for science like biology and medicine. She eventually decided to go off to school following her science interest.

Shortly after finishing her Bachelor’s degree, Sophia wasn’t so sure if this was the career path she wanted to enter. “I never really gave it thought if I would actually want to work in those fields. As soon as I finished my bachelor’s degree, I felt the urge to be more creative again, like I was as a kid. I was imagining myself entrepreneuring and figured online was a great place to start,” Sophia explained. Eventually this urge led her to break away from the bio-medical scene and follow her creative side.


As mentioned before, Sophia had an interest in expressing her creativity as a child. She often like creating things like jewelry and she loved to dress up her dolls. “I was always creating stuff as a kid. Making bracelets, necklaces and bags and I was selling them door-to-door in my neighborhood,” Sophia says.

As she approached her teenage years, her creative forms expanded into the world of technology. Sophia began to create websites of her own. She would often change make changes to the aesthetics of the website.” I started making websites and I was changing lay-outs every few weeks. I already loved the puzzling of web design back then. I guess I was always trying to get ideas into something visible,” Sophia recalls. Her childhood interest is what eventually developed into the career she has created for herself today.


“I believe the most important thing is to have a clear image of what you actually want to do. I’m a firm believer of the Law of Attraction. If a certain vision for the future is really clear, without any resistance, it must become reality. I had such a clear image of me working online as an independent entrepreneur and the vision kinda gave me butterflies. I always focused on that feeling and I believe that’s why it worked out. I haven’t had such clear visions for the future anymore lately, but I guess I’m content where I am at this moment.” –Sophia Molen

What are your 3 essential productivity tools, how do you use them, and why do you love them?

May we consider coffee as a tool? Kidding. Even though I’m an online girl, I’m quite old-skool when it comes to certain things. I can not live without my Moleskine year diary for example. The week planner isn’t even most important for me, but I have this thing for making to-do lists for everything.

What style/fashion accessory is your favorite?

I prefer to leave my bag home and put everything in my jacket’s and coat’s pockets. Bali is often too hot for jackets, so I’ve been searching for the perfect bag for my Bali life, but I still haven’t figured it out after a year living there. Definitely not a bag person. I do love hats though!

What are the most common fashion / wardrobe mistakes that women make?  What about men?

The most common mistake in my eyes is “matching”. Lots of people think style is about matching colors and prints. To be honest, I used to do it as a teenager: matching my red-colored ballerinas with red earrings and of course red nail polish. When I see someone doing it now, I feel like applauding: congratulations, you found the same color accessoires, well done!

Sophia Molen