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Style is not a set thing by any means. Everyone is different, therefore style varies. NYC blogger Chris Hill, has style for days and has mastered the art of creating polished looks at affordable prices. Simplicity is what lies at the base of his style, but that definitely doesn’t stop him from turning heads. The blogger always looks clean, polished and confident in his many different looks. Whether he is dressed up or dressed down, Chris follows the same game plan with every outfit. Simple, Minimal and Affordable.  Check out how he describes his style!

Describe style of Chris Hill

“I would say that my style is definitely simple, minimal, and affordable. When I say simple, I’m talking about the pieces of clothing I wear such as classic button downs, polos, chinos, chukkahs, chelsea boots, some skinny jeans, fresh white sneakers and a hand full of well-tailored suits! By minimal, I mean that I like to wear and style very basic colors such as monochromatic colors and neutrals.

Of course, every now and then I change up my outfits to patterns as well with stripes or florals (floral patterns are popping up on everything now for menswear from button downs, ties, socks, polos, sneakers and more) . By affordability, I like to wear and show off pieces of clothing that the general consumer market can afford. It’s not that I don’t like wearing outfits and pieces from big expensive designer brands, I just enjoy showing my followers that you don’t need to break the bank to look good or have great style.”