High Low Pairings: Street Wear + Designer

High Low Pairings: Street Wear + Designer

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So, a trend for mixing high end items with low end items has risen over recent years. It’s a great trend because you no longer have to break your bank account just to look good. Practicing this method, allows you to shop at discounted stores, catch a typical sale at the mall or even go thrifting all while elevating it with something luxurious when your in the mood to treat yourself to something expensive.


However, you should beware, this trend is not something that everyone knows how to pull off. However, when it’s done properly, it looks very well blended. Using one or two luxury items elevates the whole outfit to something special. No one will even notice that you mixed a $5 shirt with $500 trench coat. The only thing that they will know is that you look like a million bucks!


One of the most popular ways of going about mixing high and low fashion is taking street or urban wear and mixing it with designer accessories. The beauty of it is that you can take different inspirations from different types of street styles. Whether you pull right from the streets here in America or fall in love with the streetwear of another country, try tying it together with a little hint of luxe and see how the outfit is elevate.


Now, you know we couldn’t leave you without sharing our favorite examples of how to create this high-low looks. Each of the following people are inspired by the streets of a different place yet uses luxurious items to bring together their personal style. First up on the board is fashionista Jamie Rockers!


Jamie Rockers has perfected the high low trend. She takes inspiration all the way from the streets of Paris and ties the whole outfit together with a few designer pieces. The thing that she loves about mixing high and low fashion is that it makes her feel like she put the outfit together effortlessly yet has still made herself stand out and look like she has class just with the way she accessorizes.


A post shared by Jamie Rockers (@beautyrocksblog) on

A post shared by Jamie Rockers (@beautyrocksblog) on

I love to write about high street style mixed with designer accessories.” -Jamie Rockers


Another person who has also perfected this craft is Aleali May. Aleali is not only a hot fashionista for herself, but she also is a celebrity stylist for many urban artist. So it’s definitely no surprise that blending streetwear with luxury items is a thing for Aleali.


Inspired by the streets of LA and Chicago, some of Aleali’s favorite pairings are often athletic wear with luxe items. She masterfully ties together things like Nike sweatpants with a luxurious trench coat. As odd as it may sounds, she somehow makes them look like a match made in heaven.


“[My designs are] a representation of my personal style….I blend both luxe and streetwear,” – Aleali May


Jordan Turner is another person that does the high low blend very well. His style is unique because he blends the casual, relaxed street style of Australia with the high end touches of his Italian roots as well. Jordan describes the streetwear in Australia to be very comfy, clean and minimal. It features lots of linens and athleisure wear. However, he couldn’t dodge the callings of his Italian heritage as well. He is drawn to things like leather and of course Gucci!


I also vibe from a lot of the streetwear and personal style coming out of New York” -Jordan Turner