HotSpots | Victoria Van Ness

It’s almost that time of year again! The summer is approaching and it’s time to plan out that well needed VACATION! But where’s the best place to go is the question? Luckily, we have the help of the traveling entrepreneur herself, Victoria Van Ness. Giving us her top five destinations, I’m sure this list will get you on the right path for fabulous travels. Whether you are looking for fun and excitement of peace and serenity, there’s something on the list for everyone!

1.New York City: The greatest city in the world. Need I say more?

LUX Magazine freedom-tower HotSpots | Victoria Van Ness

2. London: I’m half Brit, so London holds a special place for me. You get all of the hustle n’ bustle of a big city, but with the European charm!

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3. Montreal: It’s probably one of the most underrated cities. I spent a summer here, and let me tell you, there’s nothing like summer in MTL!

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4. Banff: I’ve never been much of a nature person (guilty) but this place really stole my heart. You’ll find the most beautiful lakes, mountains, and hikes here.

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5. Tulum: My ultimate beach vacay. Think tacos + tequila for days.

LUX Magazine tulum-ruins-with-optional HotSpots | Victoria Van Ness