It’s summertime and it’s a great time for you to update your look. Summer is all about fun! It’s a great time to try bright bold colors, experiment with patterns and play with different textures. But this doesn’t just apply to women. Men, it’s time for you all to step it up and take a few risk too.


I know, I know. A Lot of you  probably don’t have a clue where to start but that’s why we have our trusty old tool, Instagram! On top of that, you are in luck because menswear blogger Jovel Roystan gave us a glimpse of some of his favorite accounts to take inspiration from. Now this list of fashion blogs are full of different takes on how to approach men’s fashion with lots of fun and flare. So, continue to read on and check out these 5 Instagram accounts that will help you get on the right track to having the best fashion summer of your life!



Julian Hernandez instagram is a great source of inspiration for men looking to brighten up their style. He takes an upscale approach to casual wear and is definitely not afraid to make fun color choices. Overall his style is pretty simplistic, yet his use of colors, patterns and textures create unique interest points to his look.



Darion Benzo has taken LA street style and elevated it to a new level. His approach to fashion is a blend of urban meets runway. He uses a lot of patterns and colors to really take his look to the next level and he isn’t afraid to keep things comfy with a pair of joggers or cargo pants. His look is great inspiration for men looking to step it up in the fashion world but keep a little rugged edge.



Drew Scott keeps things fun and fresh. He is an excellent source of inspiration for men looking to keep it casual yet turn heads at the same time. He plays it more on the safe side with his color choices, but every now and then you’ll find he throws a pop of bold color in his repertoire. He also loves using patterns to add a little flare to things.

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Eric Jess is a great example how keeping it simple can still be stunning. His style is a good source of inspiration for men wanting to keep things minimal but definitely still dress to impress. His looks are classic in the casual department and will remain timeless.

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Prince Lifted is one of the bolder fashion inspirations of the bunch. He uses a ton of colors and patterns to amplify his street inspired style. He is great inspiration for men looking to step outside of the box but not so far fetched. His style is great for everyday wear. He doesn’t overdo it yet he packs a lot of flare.