Top 5 with Amy Correa Bell

Don’t let your style define you. Be the one to define your style! Use your outfit to let all the wonderful traits you have going on in the inside shine bright on your exterior. That’s personal style.

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Amy Correa Bell is a singer, songwriter and actress.

So, Amy Correa Bell definitely knows a thing or two

about personal style. Here are her top five styling tips

that you don’t want to miss out on!

1. Don’t get caught up in name brands.

Name brands are great, but don’t limit yourself. There are plenty of just as amazing options outside the designer labels. They key is to focus on the way the clothing fits verse the designer that created it. You want your outfit to speak volumes about you in the way that you put it together, not by the name that’s on the tag! So next time, don’t let the label stop you from grabbing that fabulous pair of pants you can’t keep your eyes off of.

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2. Quality is better than quantity.

It’s always better to shell out a few extra bucks to get well-made clothing. As Amy says, “It’s better to spend a little more money on an incredible pair of jeans. You can wear them all the time,rather than having tons of jeans that don’t show off your vibe well.” In the long run it will save you a ton of money as well. Quality clothing, treated with care can last you a lifetime!

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3. Find the clothing that makes you feel most alive.

“Dressing up is like decorating your personality with lights,” Amy says. So go out and find the things that make you sparkle! Test out a variety of colors, fits, and items to find out what make you feel the most confident. Your clothes should be a reflection of you simply being yourself.

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4. Don’t be afraid to take risks.

It’s ok to go a little over the edge sometimes. After all, your style YOUR STYLE. Never let the judgements of others steer you away from clothing you really like. To find your own niche, you have to take risks and try things that no one else has done!

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5.Top 5: It’s your fashion journey. Take whatever path you want!

According to Amy, it is important to hone in on your personal identity. Make it your personal adventure to start looking for clothes that match your energy! So hit the mall, vintage shops, or even your mom’s closet and find the things that make you.

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