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Catch Her

Fashion industry expert & model Thania Peck is the creator of the popular blog, ‘Catcher in the Style’ as well as a fashion director.
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Life of Fashion

Thania has had a lifelong passion for the fashion industry. Starting off as a model worked in the fashion industry from a young age. Thania became intrigued by the production of fashion shows. “Every show that I’ve ever been to was an artistic piece.” She took interest in every aspect of putting a show together. From the designers that created the clothes to the make-up and hair stylist that tied the look all together, she loved it all. But, it wasn’t until she actually attended her first show as a member of the audience that she experienced the artistic production of the show. “My first show was a Tommy Hilfiger event. It was so inspiring…Watching the trends was so dynamic, “ Thania recalls. This inspiration is what allowed Thania to view fashion in a different light.

While Thania knew she would always work in fashion, blogging didn’t come along for her until about three years ago. One day, Thania had a creative director ask her opinion on a few pieces of a new collection. After she gave her detailed opinion, Thania realized she had a knack for explaining trends. That’s when she decided she should share her opinions with the world and began the process of launching her blog, ‘Catch Her Style.’

Giving Back

Fashion isn’t Thania’s only passion. She also has a heavy interest in working with charities. Often time she uses photos on her blog to create a message for the charities. She uses her blog to promote many different charities. A couple of those charities are the Young and Brave Foundation and R-Ranch. She also pairs philanthropy with the various brand campaigns that she coordinates. “I want to use my status in the industry to make an impact in the world. It feels good to help people,” Thania says. She uses the events to gain more exposure for the charities and donates a portion of the proceeds to them as well.

Blogging Style

Thania blogs about the newest fashion trends that interest her. She usually focuses on on the cutting edge of where the industry is going. The blogosphere is fast paced and it allows people to share new trends at a rapid pace. Thania says this is in part because “we post trends at a fast pace, faster than magazines.” In addition to that, she uses her blog to display new trends in street style. This is what translates each particular piece from the market to the consumer.  “You get to see the product on real people of different body types.”

“As bloggers, we’re basically taking clothes and showing you how to style it,”

Sure, 6-foot models look pretty dashing in designer clothes on the runway, but it’s a lot easier to imagine yourself in an outfit when you can see it interpreted by someone who shares your unique tastes. “It’s all about the interpretation from market to consumer. Most people see clothes in a store and think ‘How would I wear that!?’ Im here to provide an answer to that question.”

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Thania also gets to put a lot of her personality into the outfits she pieces together. She describes her personal style as edgy, chic, and tomboyish. All of that personality it is reflected through the outfits Thania styles. “Putting together outfits is like puzzle pieces,” Thania says. She also likes to add her favorite accessories to complete the look. Thania particularly loves shoes and hand bags. “If you have a perfect chic shoe and an iconic bag, that’s going to tie your outfit together.” Thania also expresses that one of the best parts of blogging is if you don’t like her particular style, there are many other bloggers you can view different styles from.

“My style isn’t for everyone,” says Thania. “But the great thing about fashion blogging is that I can pair a dress with combat boots while my friend pairs the same dress with a pair of heels! Two great looks, two different styles.”

What are some up and coming Fall fashion trends?

Velvet( Blazers and shoes)
Red and Blush Pink colors
Leather jackets over dresses
Over the knee boots
Suede skirts
Bomber jackets
Military inspired clothing
Embroidery on jeans and jackets
Re-done/Patched Jeans

What are your favorite topics to blog about?

Tips on Fashion
Interviews with stylist and stylish people

Thania Peck