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As a lifestyle blogger, Heather touches upon many subjects. She blogs about everything from travel, beauty and even fitness. However, the primary focus of Heather’s blog is fashion!

Coming from her previous career as a wardrobe consultant, Heather enjoys helping others adopt their own personal style. Switching from one-on-one consulting to blogging helped Heather to reach larger amounts of women all over the world. She gets much joy from assisting others in finding themselves through fashion and has even been able to define her own unique style.

“I love what I do. It’s my passion. I love helping and inspiring other women with my fashion sense!” -Heather Anderson


With her obvious passion for the career she has taken on, Heather has reached the point in which we all inspire to get to. A point where you just know that the path you are on was created just for you. While Heather always had a passion for fashion, she did not always foresee a career in the fashion industry. It wasn’t until right before her father passed away that Heather had her “aha” moment. “I was always really close with my father. In fact, he is who I get my sense of style from. He was always a very stylish man. He loved to shop and he loved clothes. Even though he was a guy, he was still very put together and we would go shopping a lot. My father was even the one who took me to find my prom dresses, not my mother. Shopping was how we bonded.

6 years ago, my father passed away due to lung cancer. Just before he passed away, he asked me to go shopping with him and my mother. He wanted me to go so I could pick things out for mother. That is where I got the idea that this could be my career. Not only could I do this for my mother, but for other women as well,” Heather shares.

“I want to reach large amounts of women and fashion blogging is definitely the way to do it!” – Heather Anderson

Individual style

“Rachel Zoe has a really neat quote that I absolutely love, “Your style should be unique to you, yet identifiable to others.” I often get people who say that to me. My style is unique yet it inspires others,” Heather says. While heather admits that her sense of style just comes naturally, she understands it’s not as easy for many others. Heather says style is all about being decisive and knowing yourself. You have to know what YOU like and try not to pick clothing just because you think it’s popular.  It’s good to seek inspiration from a variety of sources, but you want to be sure to add your own creative aspect to the clothing.

“Don’t let age define your fashion. Just because we’re 40+ doesn’t mean we must dress boring/ I think we can make fashion choices that make us look good even through our 70’s and 80’s. I don’t think that age has much to do with style. Of course, there’s a matter of being appropriate, but you can certainly find the balance.” – Heather Anderson

Using 3 words, describe your style.

Effortless, chic, edgy

How does helping other reach their goals, help you with your personal goals?

My goal is to inspire and help other women. I strive to help them feel and look amazing, both inside and out. It’s gratifying when I get to meet someone who I could help and to hear how I changed a life. Therefore, them meeting their goal is inherently me reaching my own goal.

What is your go-to look when in a time crunch?

A combination of jeans, a jacket and heels.

What’s your favorite part of being considered a fashionable mom?

I think it’s fun and makes me more relatable. It allows my daughter to be more comfortable to opening up to me.

Heather Anderson