new style is a direct extension of you, therefore it’s always evolving

New style

Your style is a direct extension of you, therefore it’s always evolving. Think about it. As we change, whether it is in size, age or confidence levels, our style usually follows shortly behind.  It’s not always easy to update your fashion choices; well that is up until today. After speaking with some of the best fashion advisers in the world, we have found the keys to smoothly adapting new and improved styling choices for you. Check out this list of useful tips when it comes to discovering your new style!

Fashion is always changing, and so is my style: Try incorporating small subtle details into your outfits that can make it go from boring to trendy. Try switching it up by trying a new color or pattern. It’s a simple change, but it can have big impact.

Stick to your foundation: With new style, yes, you should be really open mind but at the end, when you find something that you like, it’s ok to run with it. Whether you are into bohemian chic or have a rockstar edge, use that principle as the foundation of your fashion choices and build around it.

Use social media: Social media is a great place to get inspiration. If you think about it, we’re all influencers. If you see your friend wearing a shirt/blouse and you go and buy it, they’ve influenced your style.

Follow the lead of a fashion expert: Often the best way to learn and discover new ways to express your style is from style bloggers that you admire. It can be fun  to research upcoming season trends and start purchasing or even designing in advance to try and stay ahead of the fashion curve.

Step out your comfort zone: Try out new styles! It is the best way to stretch yourself and keep things from getting stale.