Young and Ambitious | Tamara Bellis

Young and Ambitious | Tamara Bellis

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At just the age of 23, you wouldn’t think someone would have 17 years of experience in the fashion industry, but you haven’t met Tamara Bellis! Fashion has always been a huge part of Tamara’s life. By the age of 6, she was already involved into mini model shows and beauty competitions. And as time went on Tamara got more and more involved. At the age of 14, she launched her career on the podium as fashion model. “It gave me a lot of knowledges in fashion industry and opened me the door to the behind-the-scenes of fashion shows and events,” Tamara says. Nowadays Tamara is a fashion and lifestyle blogger who shares trends from the tropical side of Greece. “I run my own Shiny Honey Blog and work with different brands all over the world by creating an amazing content and talking about my experiences,” Tamara explains.

Personal Style

Tamara has a very unique style full of fun and vibrance. When I asked what inspired her style, location seemed to be the key! “My personal style is everything about bright and open colors, kind and sunny vibe, comfortable and pretty clothes, but always chic and trendy combined. I live in a greek island, so local good weather dictates my love to colorful dresses, pastel tones, stylish denim and retro oversized sweaters and jackets. I represent the image of young, educated and modern island girl who is involved in fashion, knows about the hottest trends and successfully embeds them into the streets of Corfu.

I was born in Siberia and lived in Russia for over 20 years. After finishing my studies I married my greek husband Pete and moved to Greece. It is a different life here and I still learn greek culture, history and traditions every day of my life. This country changed me inside and outside so I’m definitely influenced by it from the good side,” Tamara expresses!

More Than Fashion

As with many of the various people I have the chance to chat with, the topic of accomplishments came up. And while it is a typical question, Tamara answer definitely was not! There are a multitude of things for Tamara to be proud of, but the twao that are most important to her may surprise you. “ There are two things in my life which I’m proud the most. First one is my family. I’ve heard so many times in my life that the family is a lot of work and yes, now I can admit it is. You need to find the person who you want to be with, to learn him, to help him and to go through everything together. It means a lot to me that me and Pete are already 3 years married and went through so many things in our life. The second thing which makes me to feel proud is my career in chess. By playing chess for over 16 years, I’ve finally opened my Online Chess School for Children all over the world. It’s growing everyday and I’m excited to be the founder of something so great and useful. This school is everything about love to chess and IT, which I was faithful during all my life,” Tamara declares.

I was simply stunned by her response because it just shows that even at a young age, you can accomplish so much if you put your mind to it! So with putting her focus on blogging, you better believe Tamara has knocked that out of the park as well. “Even though I just began my blog a few years ago,  I can surely say that I’m one of the most successful active bloggers in Greece. My blog is updated about 3 times per week, I work with brands all over the world and there’re so many things I’ve shared with my readers and can’t wait to share even more,” Tamara exclaims!

Who do you consider the icons in the fashion & design industry?

Living in a beautiful island with its own people, culture and even climate I get influenced more and more by the island itself. Still I follow all new trends through my laptop and the internet.

What style/fashion accessory is your favorite?

I love huge scarves and stylish hats. They can change your look and just in a second add more uniqueness to the outfit.

If you can/could consider yourself an expert in one area of style/fashion, what would it be?

I think I’m really good at makeup. At least my Instagram feed is full of comments that my makeup looks really great and that they can’t wait for a tutorial. The knowledges about how to apply makeup came to me while I was performing at The Fashion Theater for over 3 years. Most of the times me and other models needed to have a heavy dark makeup on our faces. So I had a lot of time to see how artists were putting makeup on models before the show started and I learned a lot of tricks from them.

Tamara Bellis