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A self-described ‘Girly Tomboy’, Robyn laughs while ticking off a list of descriptors to try and encapsulate her personal style into a brief statement or cliche, “Casual chic? Tailored sports luxe? Girly tomboy? I’m not too sure! I always struggle to define my personal style when people ask as it changes and evolves all the time! I love a good pair of trainers and oversized silhouettes to create a super comfy yet stylish outfit.”

 It wasn’t an accident that Robyn ended up as a Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger and deeply embedded into the fashion influencer culture full-time.  “In my final year of university I wanted to focus my dissertation around ‘How to have a sustainable career in Fashion Blogging’. I decided to set up my own blog and start building my Instagram as a way of learning more about the industry to help my dissertation. I even did a three month experiment on my own blog as part of my primary research for the dissertation. It ended up going really well so I carried it on afterwards” Robyn tells me.

Robyn even went to school for this!!!  “I graduated with a 1st class honors degree in Fashion Buying/Marketing from De University, actually. I’d originally gone to the University to study Psychology and quickly realized it wasn’t for me and completely changed course to follow my passion.   I know it sounds so cliche (smile).”

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But this wasn’t like a fly-by-night decision or a fleeting passion at all.  “I’ve always loved fashion and have worked in fashion retail since I was 16 in a variety of roles- Sales advisor, visual merchandising, supervisor!” Robyn tells me.

 When I asked about her strongest influences that have shaped her personal style and tastes, well, that is a stumper…. “I can never pin-point a succinct answer for that question!  Probably just working in retail and being around clothes a lot.  I’ve always worn what I think looks good and avoided trends that I didn’t think were for me. I don’t subconsciously have many other influencers/celebrities that I religiously look to for inspiration” Robyn says.

Discovering What’s New

“Instagram, pinterest, magazines, fashion week etc. there’s so many ways to discover new styles! For me I probably refer to Instagram and just going into shops and having a good browse to see what I like, the most.”

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Still Blogging

“Yes, I’m still blogging (smile).  The reaction and comments I get from my audience, especially from my blog posts is just so satisfying.  Although not as many people read blog posts now, so I don’t get anywhere near the same amount of traffic/likes etc as I do on Instagram, my writing seems to really resonate with people.  Receiving messages from people thanking me for writing a post, as it was just what they needed to hear, is the best feeling ever. That’s also why I don’t think i’ll ever stop writing on my blog.”

Favorite Fashion Accessory

“You can’t go wrong with a good pair of silver hoop earrings!”

What Fashion Style / Piece would you consider your “Expertise”?

“I wouldn’t say an expert, because there’s a lot of people out there probably with a lot more knowledge, but I do have A LOT of trainers (sneakers) and love styling outfits down with them. Trainers can be worn with pretty much any outfit, I personally think. Whether it’s with a floaty dress, tailored trousers, a midi skirt, or a pair Mom jeans, just experiment with what you feel most comfortable in!”

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Robyn Pound-Woods